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Stewart is an energetic goofball! Stewart has been going through lots of training and would greatly benefit from continuing his training in a home. Stewart does well on a leash, knows sit, keeps his kennel clean, and is working on crate training. He loves running around the yard, playing ball, and eating treats. Stewart is very food motivated so that will help with his training. Stewart needs a confident handler that can properly handle him and set boundaries. He needs a very structured home and would do best in a home with no other pets or kids. Stewart will need multiple meets to make sure that he will be comfortable before going into a home.

Stewart is two years old and weighs 60 pounds.

Stewart’s adoption fee is $200; he is microchipped, neutered, and up to date on vaccines.

Stewart has heartworms and will be starting treatment soon. Stewart would greatly benefit from having a quiet home to recuperate in rather than trying to rest in a noisy and stressful shelter environment. If you would like to provide a foster home, or foster-to-adopt home, during Stewart’s heartworm treatment, Helping Strays will provide everything you need; the medical care, crate, food, etc. Foster-to-adopt would be a great way to get to know Stewart. Finalizing the adoption would be done once treatment is complete.