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Hi! My name is Nomi (pronounced Know Me) because “To Nomi Is To Love Me!” I am a beautiful dilute tortie, short haired girl interviewing for my very own person. I have been introduced to big docile doggies who understand cats rule and doggies drool, but I haven’t been introduced to little people yet. I’ve been with other cats and prefer not to share my human with fellow felines.

So a little bit about what I am looking for in my new person.

Are you trainable? I love to chase the laser pointer and if my person forgets the routine, I will pretend to chase it until they get the hint.

Do you have a cat tree? If not, I would consider you if you have shelves or tall furniture. I love to climb! I would love a cat tree and can’t wait to sleep on the very tippy-toppy perch. Madonna was a material girl….I’m a vertical girl!

Do you have an imagination? I like to pretend I am a cheetah, lightning fast, and zoom around the house chasing imaginary prey. Do you like to play hide and seek? Me too! And I love to chase balls and other favorite toys.

Do you like catnip? I really love it sprayed on my scratching posts or cat tree. But when it is sprayed on my floor scratching pad, I roll all over the catnip sprinkles.Good times!

Do you hog the covers at night? That will not be a deal breaker because I like to sleep on the pillow or your head at bedtime. I take good care of my person!

Do you speak cat? Your second language? I make many cute sounds and when I am really happy I will make trilling sounds. I will give you little love bites (just mouthing your hand or fingers) not leaving marks. But if I forget and get a little rough, I will easily transfer the rougher kitty play onto a stuff toy. Can you remember that? If so, I will give you “kitty kisses”. (slow blinking = love/trust).

If you think you have the right cat-i-tude and a loving caring home to offer, purr-fect! Just have your people contact my people for a meet and greet today!