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Hi, my name is Lucille. I am a beagle/basset hound mix. I recently had something to celebrate… I rang the bell!  I am cancer free!  The vet found a malignant tumor on my ovary but it is has been removed and I am healthy, happy, and loving life. I am living in a foster home and love my foster family but I’m looking for a home that better fits my lifestyle. For example, a cat lives in my foster home and I’m not a big fan of cats so I chase her. Then I get in trouble so a home without cats would be best for me. Also, I love to take walks and be outside. Being a hound dog, I must smell everything nature has to offer. I make frequent stops on my walks and then may start to “bay” so my person knows I found something very interesting or smelly. A secure fenced yard would be ideal for me so I can enjoy smelling every blade of grass in the yard and my new family doesn’t have to take me on long walks multiple times a day.

My foster family says I am a very sweet girl and almost perfect. I love other dogs and children too. I enjoy going on car rides. I am housebroken and won’t jump on the furniture. When I am left alone, I can be trusted to stay in a spare bedroom and only chew on my bones. I love to snuggle with my people and other dogs too. I like to snooze a lot but may have an occasional energy burst and do the zoomies around the house. Hope to meet you soon!

Lucille is seven years old and weighs about 33 pounds.

Lucille’s adoption fee is $200; she is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.


Gracie is new to Helping Strays and we are still learning about her. She is a sweet and friendly girl who likes attention from her caregivers. She enjoys taking walks and playing outside in the play yard. She is house broken.

Gracie is one year old.

Gracie’s adoption fee is $200; she is microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and will be spayed prior to adoption.


Phoebe is a cute and friendly girl. She loves to run and play outside with other dogs but doesn’t care for cats. Phoebe is crate trained, mastering potty training, and learning to walk nice on a leash. Phoebe can sit, she is working on her “stay” and she loves treats. She is an active girl who would benefit from daily exercise and training.

Phoebe is 1 year old and weighs 62 pounds.

Phoebe’s adoption fee is $200; she is microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and spayed.


Sedona is a pretty and friendly girl.  She is sweet and loves attention from her people. She is house broken and good with other dogs, but does not do well around cats or other small animals. A tall privacy fence would be ideal for Sedona since she can jump over smaller fences. She enjoys taking walks and walks good on a leash.

Sedona is four years old and weighs 71 pounds.

Sedona’s adoption fee is $200; she is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.


Sophie is a special little gal looking for her forever home. Sophie loves dogs and playtime. She is learning people are ok too. Sophie is learning her house manners and the comforts of a crate. Sophie would love to have a family with a dog and the patience to help her build confidence.

Sophie is 7 months old.

Sophie’s adoption fee is $250; she is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.


Carmel is a pretty brindle girl who is sweet and playful. She doesn’t mind baths and enjoys taking walks; she would benefit with a little leash training. She loves receiving attention from her humans and would do best with older children. Carmel is house and crate trained. A secure fenced yard would be ideal for Carmel’s safety.

Carmel is one year old and weighs 62 pounds.

Carmel’s adoption fee is $200; she is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.


Daisy is a beautiful and sweet brindle girl.  She enjoys her time outside playing with her dog friends.  Daisy can be a rough and tumble kind of player, a dog about her size would be a great play partner.  Daisy is very friendly and likes her humans, cuddle time is important to her. She prefers a home with older children and is not a fan of cats.  Daisy is currently training to walk on a lead and house training.  Give this girl a chance, she is super!

Daisy is two years old and weighs 52 pounds.

Daisy’s adoption fee is $200; she is microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and spayed.


Misty is a pretty green eyed tabby who keeps to herself and can be shy, but when she opens up she is very loving and sweet. Misty is looking for an adopter who is caring and patient.

Misty is two years old and gets along with other cats.

Misty’s adoption fee is $100; she is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.


Demi is a pretty girl who is full of energy. She loves car rides, playing with balls, and agility. Demi is over the top smart. She rocks a sit stay, place, come and leave it commands. We have been working with some agility, paper plate recall, and seesaw. She is also in training learning how to walk on a treadmill. Playing games with Demi is fun and it helps get some of her energy out. She would benefit in a home with a fenced in yard or a jogger (she walks well on a lead).

Demi would do best in a home with older kids and no cats. She does play well with males and select female dogs. She enjoys playgroups, however she likes to play for awhile and then do her own thing.

Demi has been going on day outings in her shelter buddies home. It takes Demi time to settle in, it will take some patience. Once she does, she loves playing with her toys. In the beginning Demi will need someone to set boundaries. She is crate trained and seems to be house trained too.

Do you have what it takes to be Demi’s forever home? Her shelter buddy would be glad to introduce you to her. She does anything for a treat.

Demi is three years old and weighs 66 pounds.   Be sure to watch Demi’s videos.

Demi’s adoption fee is $200; she is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.


Shadow_2013293c_1 Shadow_2013293c_4
Gentle and shy funny-girl
I am an extraordinary pet! You should know what that means.

Shadow is one of our extra-ordinary pets (click on the link above to see what that means) with quite a story. In January of 2013, Shadow wandered onto the rural property of a couple who had no dog experience, collapsing in their yard. The kind couple scooped her up and took her to the vet where she was treated for a skin infection and malnutrition. She wintered in their barn, getting lots of good food and being kept warm by a heater. Once her health improved, Shadow was allowed into their large fenced yard which contained, among other buildings, a small chicken house with a side door opening into a room that the chickens could not enter. Once Shadow was loose out in the yard and could escape her rescuers, fear kept her from coming to the people who wanted to help her. Along the back of their property was a bamboo forest which Shadow found to be a perfect ‘safe’ place. She came out of her forest only when no one was around, eating her meals from the open room in the chicken house after the people brought the food out and returned to their house. They were able to ‘catch’ her in the chicken house on one occasion and take her to the vet again for immunizations. The people thought that if they gave her time she would come around. Instead, Shadow continued her routine and made no progress towards socialization.

In July, at a community adoption event, the woman approached us and asked for help with Shadow. Because they had a toddler and did not want to bring Shadow into their house, not knowing how she would react to the baby, they wanted to find help for her before winter set in. We brought her into our program that month and placed her in a foster home. Shadow loves playing with other dogs in her foster home and romps with them as a normal dog would do. She does have a neurological problem, the vet says is most likely from having had distemper as a puppy. The residual is a twitching motion of her head and an unsteady gait, neither of which bother her a bit but when you watch her play she is wobbly at times. She was likely not cared for as a pup, not receiving needed immunizations, or socialization, which accounts for her fear of people.

Since coming to her foster home Shadow has been only the gentlest of creatures with humans. When she is hiding in her kennel or a safe spot in the corner of the room and her foster parents approach, she allows them to pet her, comb her, lift/carry her, give medication, bathe her…anything that needs to be done. She has not worked up enough courage to come when called or allow someone to walk up to her if she is out in the open. She has not yet learned to walk on lead. But she does have a normal-for-her routine. She knows several commands such as ‘lets go outside’, ‘go to the house’, ‘go to your kennel’, ‘go to the otherside’ (when requested to go to a crate in another room). She is actually a very smart girl, always attentive, ever vigilant. She is crate trained and such an easy girl to care for. Some of her antics are sure to make you smile, she is a fun little girl. We do believe Shadow is capable of making more progress, such as walking on lead, if someone has the time to work intensely with her.

The perfect home for Shadow would be one with a patient & kind owner/s, a securely fenced back yard and no children to ‘accidentally’ let Shadow get out a door leading anywhere but a fenced yard (she never tries to exit any door other than the patio door to the back yard in her foster home; in fact, she views the house as ‘safe’ and when something scares her while she is in the yard, like a gunshot, she can’t wait to come inside) and a home with a playful, well-adjusted dog would also be a plus. This type of dog would be very helpful for her; she watches how our other dogs interact with people and she loves to play tug with other dogs and just hang out with them. If you have experience in working with fearful dogs or ever wanted to try, we would love to work with you. Change is a bad thing for dogs like Shadow, so her ideal home would be one in which the person was settled and had a routine that Shadow could fall into. Her foster mom will be available for assistance in making the transition, answering questions and helping as needed, even boarding for vacations if needed. Update 12/28/14: Shadow has learned the targeting exercise ‘touch’! She will come to the command ‘touch’, reach her nose out to touch a palm and then take a treat. Very exciting!