Bear Bear1


Bear is looking for a hospice home to live out the rest of his days. He will need some special care but Helping Strays will take care of the cost if you can give him love and a great home.

Bear has a neurological deficiency and possibly a tumor or brain lesion. He could have possibly had a stroke before coming to Helping Strays but there is no way to know  without doing an MRI and we do not have the funds. He is heartworm positive  but we are not going to treat him because of his age (12-14) and other problems. He runs into walls and doors, sometimes falls, seems very spacey, his tongue is always hanging out, and just seems a little off. Despite all these symptoms, he eats well and gets along with other mellow dogs. We were hoping to get him in a hospice home with a patient human to help him through his last days – whatever time he has. We are hoping this person will not be afraid to tell us that it is time if he continues to decline. We just hate to see him exist here in the shelter.

Bear is a happy guy who loves everyone including other dogs and children.  He is neutered and up to date on vaccines.

Please contact Helping Strays if you can help Bear.  618-939-7389