Community Services

TNR (Trap Neuter Return)

Trap Neuter Return (TNR) is a grant- and privately-funded program, offered by Helping Strays of Monroe County, whose goal is to stabilize and reduce the community cat (feral, semi-feral, and stray) population by spaying and neutering. Community cats are territorial, so after they are altered and returned, they will occupy the same space without reproducing and not letting new cats into the area.

How TNR program works: Residents of the county will trap the cats on their property (traps will be available on loan through Helping Strays) and bring them to the shelter for sterilization on a pre-arranged date. The cats will spend the night and have surgery the next day.  After surgery, being microchipped, and ear tipped, the cats will be returned to the resident who will release the cat(s) to the same area from which they were trapped.  The cats will also be ear-tipped so that they can be identified as altered.

Research shows that areas with this program in place experience a significant reduction in community cats within 1-2 years.  In addition, shelters and animal controls in those areas report a significant decrease in cat and kitten intakes when this program is in place. TNR does not have any affects on the wildlife population or other ecosystems in the area; everything remains the same except the cats are altered to prevent reproduction and new cats!

All costs to this program are covered by Helping Strays of Monroe County.  There will be a small deposit (refundable) when traps are on loan. In order to participate, residents will have to prove they reside in Monroe County and will have to call the shelter at (618) 939-2389 to schedule their TNR day. At that time, more information and instructions will be given.

Help us reduce the community cat population in Monroe County! We all know that this is an epidemic in some parts of the county. TNR will have a noticeable impact on the community cat population in a very short period of time.  The cats and community will be healthier for it!



SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program)

The purpose of the Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) through Helping Strays of Monroe County is to provide vouchers for low cost spays/neuters for the pets of those in the community who may not be able to afford traditional veterinary care, but still want to medically provide for their pets. A healthy pet is the right of every pet owner and financial ability should not be a barrier quality veterinary services.

SNAP is an income-based program targeting those populations who will benefit most – the lower income and underserved.  Those interested in purchasing SNAP vouchers for low-cost spay/neuter services must meet Federal Poverty Level Guidelines (FPLG). Annual household income limits are based on 200% of 2020 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines and are as follows:

Family of 1 – $25,520                  Family of 4 – $52,400

Family of 2 – $34,480                  Family of 5 – $61,360

Family of 3 – $43,440                  Family of 6 – $70,320

Vouchers are sold for $30 each and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis in person at the shelter on specific dates. The proposed dates in which SNAP vouchers will be sold are February 27, May 22, July 24, and September 25, 2021. Vouchers are made available until supplies run out.

All vouchers must be purchased in person and purchaser’s annual household income must be verified to qualify for SNAP vouchers*. There is a limit of three (3) vouchers per household. Purchasers will have 90 days from date of purchase to use the voucher. There will be no refunds or reissues for unused/expired vouchers.

*Applicant must be able to prove Annual Gross Household Income from previous calendar year; Must provide proof of income of all household members. Examples of proof include latest pay stubs or a statement from your employer; and benefit letters from Social Security, Veterans Administration, unemployment compensation, or pensions are also valid.